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Registration Info

Starts April 16th and Ends June 4th

Fee is $130.00 for Elmhurst residents and $140 for non residents

Teams typically practice one day  per week and are led by parent coaches at approved sites.  Games are played on Saturdays at various locations throughout Elmhurst.  We play Fall and Spring with each season usually lasting 8 weeks long with 16 games played over two seasons (Fall and Spring).  Teams and coaches do not change from the Fall to the Spring.


The goal of the AYSO 399 is to teach the basic skills involved in and the actual game of soccer in a positive atmosphere of good sportsmanship and allow the participants to have fun and learn teamwork while doing so. Competition is a natural part of any sport, but it is not the primary objective of AYSO 399.  AYSO 399 is meant to be a low-key, low-pressure recreational soccer organization. Your participation as a volunteer is critical to the success of the program. Our volunteers consist of board members, division coordinators, coaches,  and referees.  We strongly encourage those willing to help to step up so that this success continues.

Membership Year 2017 (Fall 2018 / Spring 2019)

Application Instructions

  1. Go to

  2. Create an account, or sign in with your existing account information.

  3. Make sure that you:

    1. Complete the application in full,

    2. Digitally sign the electronic participation waiver,

    3. AND submit payment.  Applications received without accompanying payment will not be accepted.

  4. Once the player application is complete, please go back and complete a volunteer application.  We are an entirely volunteer run operation and can always use more help.  Volunteer does not only mean coach, referee, or board member.  We have many positions that only need an hour or two of time once a year, please consider helping out as without your help, the kids can't play.  We will provide the training for any position you are interested in fulfilling.


Additional Requirements For New Players

  1. With a completed application and submission of the application fee, proof of age must also be submitted for players who are *new* to Region 399. A copy of a birth certificate, passport, state ID or other document showing the new player's name and birth date should be emailed to


We accept applications at various times of the year.  The date that the application is submitted (with payment) determines what happens next. The only time we "guarantee registration" and placement on teams is during our Annual registration period, which is April-May of each year.


Application Date

Application Result

April -May Guaranteed Registration for the full membership year, beginning the following August, including placement on a team for both fall & spring seasons.
June - September Wait listed and placed on teams only if space and resources permit.
October - January No new applications are accepted during these months of the year.
February - April Wail listed and placed on a team only if space and resources permit.


Do I need to re-register for the spring season?

NO. If you played with us on a team in the fall, you will continue with those same teammates and coach through the spring. Only new applicants who want to be on the waiting list to fill mid-year vacancies should apply for the spring.